Day 0: Everest or Bust

I’m no spring chicken. Even in the cycling world on the older-than-regional-average East Side of Puget Sound, I’m in the middle of the pack. I’m middle-aged, mildly squishy in places that shouldn’t be, and I’ve gotten a late start on being athletic. On the other hand, there’s some up-side. My baseline for success is pretty low. I was in better shape at 40 than 30, and better at 30 than 20. Clearly, that trend can’t keep up forever, but I think I can manage 50 >40. Take that, early peakers!

Still, there’s a limited window to accomplish something awesomely badass. My knee told me marathons are already out of the question, which is fine because I hate running. I’m not going to start kipping with my shoulder, so Crossfit is gone. And so on.

But I do like riding a bike.

Enter Everesting. You don’t need to be super-strong, super-fast, or even particularly coordinated. You just need to be able to sit on a bike for 24 hours and keep pedaling up a hill. I like climbing and I’m easily distracted/amused, so I’m in.

It’s not quite time for resolutions, but it’s on my 2019 agenda. Training notes to follow.